Re: Memory operations on Sun/Oracle M class servers vs T class servers

From: Mark Burgess <>
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2014 09:47:56 +1100
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I have been seeking answers to the same types of questions for a customer site for the past 3 years on T4 and T3 hardware. Others will be able to offer a far more scientific explanation as to why but in a nutshell the T series platform seems to be good for doing lots of things concurrently as opposed to one thing particularly fast. The classic response time v throughput discussion. The types of problems you describe below are exactly the types of issues I have encountered - single threaded processes…ie..SQL/PLSQL take longer to run than what you would expect. Unfortunately I have not been in a position to be able to perform a like for like comparison against another platform to provide some science behind the analysis. I have used parallel query selectively to resolve single threaded performance issues however I do not see this as being a viable approach to work around all the performance constraints on this platform.

I have been looking to setup SLOB to compare T4, X4-2L and Exa X4-2 timings however this is still on the to-do list as I believe this is the only way to provide a comparative measure to compare T series against other platforms.



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