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Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2014 16:37:46 -0000
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There is no direct link between PeopleSoft App version and any version of any database. Versions of PeopleTools are certified with certain versions of certain databases, and certain minimum versions of PeopleTools are a pre-requisite for certain versions of the application (see Oracle support).

Despite being owned by Oracle, PeopleSoft hasn’t moved very far from its “proudly platform agnostic” heritage – so there is very little in the application that is specifically optimized for Oracle, let alone a specific version of Oracle.  

There have always been platform advisory notes that make specific recommendations for specific versions of Oracle (such as setting certain parameters).  

The challenge is around how to manage new database features on Oracle. Of course that challenge is not unique to PeopleSoft.

Example: statistics management and table preferences in 11g. What should happen when a batch process collects statistics on a working storage table (Application Engine and %UpdateStats macro )? Do you want to explicit collect statistics or rely on dynamic sampling, or combination of both? The content of the DDL model for the analyse command has changed over time, but it generally lags behind the options that exist in the database. There have been several suggestions for what might be better (some on the Oracle support site – some elsewhere).

PeopleTools 8.54 has a number of new features to support partitioning, materialized views and global temporary tables – although these would all need to be customised into the application.

Then on Oracle 12c there are session private statistics for global temporary tables. How does that change the game?  

I offer no answers because “it depends” If you don’t have a performance problem, then you don’t need to do anything. If you do, you have new options that you can bring to bear.  

Ram said he was on 10g and considering 11g –v- 12c . 10g is already well out of support, it won’t be that long until 11g goes into extended support (cost option). Subject to the PeopleTools version, I would have thought that that alone would make going from 10 to 12 in one step more attractive than taking two steps via 11g.


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I would suggest you match the Peoplesoft Application to the version of Oracle that the Peoplesoft Application software says it supports even if that means using an older version of Oracle. If the Peoplesoft guide says it will run on 11.2 or 12.1 that is great but run on the version it specifies.    

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We are considering moving our peoplesoft suite of ERPs (fin,hr,etc..) to 9.2. They currently run on oracle 10.2. As part of the upgrade we are considering oracle 11.2 or 12.1 for DB.  

Any listers here have that combination or recently moved to one can share their experiences on the performance/results after the move, the good and the bad.   



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