RE: Function-based indexes and trunc()

From: Jonathan Lewis <>
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2014 11:09:58 +0000
Message-ID: <CE70217733273F49A8A162EE074F64D901DE9FF3_at_exmbx05.thus.corp>

Well spotted.

I was looking for things to do with dates or truncates when I checked the fix controls and parameters and missed that one completely. (There's a lovely parameter including the word "datefold" that looked very promising but obviously turned out to be irrelevant.)

Jonathan Lewis

From: Velikikh Mikhail [] Sent: 20 April 2014 05:01
To: Jonathan Lewis
Cc: Mohamed Houri; Subject: Re: Function-based indexes and trunc()


Seems like this enhancement introduced in with fix_control 9263333.

SQL> exec print_table( 'select * from v$system_fix_control where bugno=9263333')

BUGNO                         : 9263333
VALUE                         : 1
SQL_FEATURE                   : QKSFM_CBO_9263333
DESCRIPTION                   : generate transitive predicates for virtual column expressions
EVENT                         : 0
IS_DEFAULT                    : 1

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