DataGuard Physical Standby and Incremental Restore

From: Nabil Jamaleddin <>
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2014 15:48:23 -0500
Message-ID: <283101cf5822$e1225650$a36702f0$>


I have a PSB physical standby database. I made a copy of this database on Friday. Today I took an incremental backup of the PSB and applied it to the copy on Monday.  

The command I used for the back goes like:  

--Done this on the Physical Standby

backup current controlfile for standby format '/u01/acfsmounts/workload/refresh/stndby_use.ctrl';

backup as compressed backupset incremental from scn 18647449933 database format '/u01/acfsmounts/workload/refresh/Inc_%U';    

I then applied the incremental backup to the copy like this:  

--ran this command on the copy database

recover database noredo;    

After this all my datafiles were up to date;  

Select unique checkpoint_change# cc from v$datafile_header order by 1;


But the control file was still at the old scn:  

select name,checkpoint_change# cc from v$datafile;


To get the controlfile and datafiles to the same SCN I had to use the backup of the controlfile from above.  

I would think the recover database noredo would have rolled the controlfile forward with the datafiles. Why did this not happen? Is there a way to apply an incremental backup to a standby database and keep the original controlfiles meaning not restoring the controlfile from the backup set.    

And I would like to have my physical standby database feed logs to another physical standby database. Is this possible?    

It archive logs would flow look like this:  

Prod Physcial Standby physical Standby    



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