Licencing of data mining SQL functions?

From: Kim Berg Hansen <>
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2014 14:11:07 +0200
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Hi, List

Might be a silly question, but I am somewhat in doubt here...

The data mining concepts guide state:

Oracle Data Mining is one of the two components of the Oracle Advanced
> Analytics Option of Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. The other
> component is Oracle R Enterprise, which integrates R, the open-source
> statistical environment, with Oracle Database. Together, Oracle Data Mining
> and Oracle R Enterprise constitute a comprehensive advanced analytics
> platform for big data analytics.

OK, we have EE so we can buy Advanced Analytics to get Data Mining - that's clear.

If we use DBMS_DATA_MINING to create a data mining model, and then call SQL data mining function PREDICTION using that model, I would say we are "Data Mining" and need licence.
But data mining function PREDICTION can also be used in a "adhoc" analytic manner without a built data mining model - is that merely "SQL" or is that "Data Mining"?

(Side-question - how is one really to know from reading just the SQL Reference whether a function only may be called if you buy an extra cost option license? ;-)

Honestly of course it is Data Mining and a licence should probably be bought, but just as you may use Basic Table Compression without licence and need licence for Advanced Table Compression, it just might be conceivable that simple SQL call of function PREDICTION could be considered a kind of "basic data mining" ;-)

Anyway, mostly my concern is, if I try out some simple mining using SQL function PREDICTION *without* creating a model with DBMS_DATA_MINING, will that be registered as use of Data Mining option so I get into trouble in an audit?

And if I want to buy a Data Mining licence, can I do that for say 3 named users only, when our EE licence is per CPU/Core?

Thanks for any input.


Kim Berg Hansen

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