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Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2013 19:18:31 +0000
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I came quite close to asking a similar question before you responded - so I will now.

There are many things where it might be quite interesting to know the answer when it's not really something that anyone needs to know (I think someone else has already made that point).

Is the gap actually causing a problem, or is this simple curiosity - if the latter then it's a little optimistic to hope that someone else use their time to expand the answer that they've already given; if the former then you need to describe the perceived problem in case (a) the gap has nothing to do with it, and (b) there is a solution that someone would be able to give you if they weren't led astray by the discussion of the gap.

Jonathan Lewis

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Having reviewed the thread, Iím a bit curious what the actual question is and whether there is a problem of any kind. Perhaps this is only a research question (which is fine)

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Hi Riyaz,

Thanks for the points you mentioned on kcmgas and behaviour of it, What are the possible reasons for the increments in SCN which may not recorded and not visible to us.

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