RE: OT: Laptop Memory of "Oracle Lab" -- 16gb support "good enough"?

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> Pete: Is that the one you drive around with wheels?

Nope, I went one inch down from that with the M17XR4. It's hard enough to find a bag big enough to carry that as carry-on luggage let alone one with an 18 inch screen. The only issue I found with that was the disk was too slow. But I fixed that. :)

Details here if anyone is interested -


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The Dell Alienware 18 also works with 32GB of memory. You can probably run a Fortune 500 company with one if you really try.

Pete: Is that the one you drive around with wheels?

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Thanks to all who have replied. It sounds like 16gb would be enough for many cases, but I could find myself really wanting 32gb at times. So I'll probably go the 32gb support route.

I currently have a Dell XPS M1330 (13.3" screen), which is slightly bulkier/heavier than the Sony I had before it. I prefer a smaller form factor. In looking for 32gb support, I haven't found anything with less than a 15" screen (I would have preferred 14" or smaller) and a tad less than 6 lbs, and going up in weight from there.

Here's a list, so far, of the 15" screen laptops that can handle 32gb. Certainly not comprehensive, and would probably rule out the MSI and ASUS based on weight:

Dell M4800 (6.35 lbs)
ThinkPad W530 (5.95 lbs)
Toshiba Tecra W50 (6.0 lbs)
HP EliteBook 8570w (6.7 lbs)
HP ZBOOK 15 (6.2 lbs)
MSI GT60 (7.6lbs)
ASUS G55VW (can support 32gb, unofficially, and pretty heavy at 8.4 lbs)

If anyone wants to add to the list feel free to ;-)

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> Personally, I would go with as much memory as you can afford,
> *especially* if you want to do RAC or DG setups, that require multiple
concurrent VMs.
> With 12c memory requirements pushing to 4GB, and future versions
> almost certainly going beyond that, therešs no reason to go with
> anything

> Yes, youšll probably be fine today with 16GB, but, if you want to do
> various multi-VM tests, and looking to the future, I would absolutely
> get

as much memory as possible.
> -Mark
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