Re: OT: Laptop Memory of "Oracle Lab" -- 16gb support "good enough"?

From: Mark Bobak <>
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2013 19:21:44 +0000
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Personally, I would go with as much memory as you can afford, *especially* if you want to do RAC or DG setups, that require multiple concurrent VMs. With 12c memory requirements pushing to 4GB, and future versions almost certainly going beyond that, therešs no reason to go with anything less.

Yes, youšll probably be fine today with 16GB, but, if you want to do various multi-VM tests, and looking to the future, I would absolutely get as much memory as possible.


  On 12/20/13, 1:58 PM, "Larry Elkins" <> wrote:

>Looking at buying a new laptop, and intend to use Oracle's VM and Linux
>to mimic various production scenarios, playing with things
>like RAC, Data Guard, Golden Gate, OEM 12c, etc. There was a discussion
>last January where some wished felt fine with 16gb memory,
>though some wondered if that would be enough. So, I want to revisit and
>see if those limited to 16gb found they could meet their
>I know a lot depends on exactly what I intend to do, and what all is
>running at the same time. So just more a generic question if
>those limited to 16gb found they could do all they needed to do. There
>are many more options for laptops supporting up to 16gb
>versus those that will support up to 32gb (which also tend to be bigger,
>heavier, and more expensive).
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