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This looks like a great research project J- but can you share what you are attempting to achieve and why  

  • I assume that you are looking to execute this essentially in SQL plus or PLSQL anonymous block
  • I could be wrong but SQLPLUS though does have a concept of a SQLPATH, it does not have a concept of current directory (pwd) - it just executes the scripts

o So are you then looking to have this directory called as a function dynamically executed for each sql script so that it correctly outputs the directory name from where the script was executed.

One quick thought would be ! echo `pwd` > /tmp/1.result and then read /tmp/1.result in a plsql function

I will need to test  

Thanks and Regards  

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Subject: Softball (I hope) - Current Directory in SQLPlus  

I thought this would be easy but I'm not figuring it out nor am I able to find it in all my searching.  

I want to create a directory for the current directory. I want to do this programmatically in SQLPlus with or without PL/PQL is fine.  


It doesn't appear to be in SYS_CONTEXT.  

Yes I know I can do a HOST CD in SQLPlus to see the current directory, but how to I put the output of that that into the CREATE command?  



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