Re: cross-platform OEM upgrade to OEM12c

From: Maaz Anjum <>
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2013 12:22:31 -0500
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Max, that sounds like a fun project to me!

Since you want to keep the repository data intact, which I think is a good idea you've got only one option: the 2-System Upgrade.

With the 2-System Upgrade, it the closest you will get to a near zero-down time upgrade since a new OMS will be stood up and configured while you migrate agents to it. The only issue I can think of with the cross-platform component is when you clone your original repository database from HP-UX to Linux. Perhaps Data Pump or Transportable Tablespaces? You could get creative with it, but the point is that you replicate your current EM12c environment into a new database to a point-in-time.

Once the upgrade process is complete (which basically upgrades the cloned/copy repository), you can migrate your agents over at your own pace. And, the only down-side there is if you make any further configuration changes to your EM11g environment, they will not be carried over. Also, I would imagine that the metric data collected from the 11g agents from the time you upgrade the new OMS will also not carry over. I have not tested that myself.

Additionally, since you would have migrated to a new OMS with a different IP Address and hostname, you might need to poke new holes in your firewall.


On Wed, Dec 18, 2013 at 11:42 AM, max scalf <> wrote:

> Hello List,
> I wanted to get some advise around my EM upgrade that we have planed.
> Currently we have OEM agent deployed to about 50 servers (about 80
> database being monitored), we have other DB's as well but have not added it
> to OEM as we do not feel the need for it(and we do not have diagnostic pack
> and some are old version). As its about only 50 server, currently our OMS
> and repository(both of them) is sitting on same hp itanium box...agent have
> been deployed to different OS flavors(hp itanium and pa-risc, linux and
> solaris...all are 11g agent, except the one on hp pa-risc, those are
> 10g)....
> current OMS version is, DB repository is shop is
> looking to move all the HP-UX to linux, that mean i will have to move the
> OMS and the repository to a new box...while going through this i am also
> planning to upgrade OEM to you can this is not a simple upgrade
> of OEM from one version to another....we we to move from not only one
> version to another but also move from one OS to another OS....
> i am looking to get some pointers as to how i would accomplish this?? The
> easy way around it that i thought of would be to install everything fresh
> on the new linux box(OMS and new repository DB) and deinstall old agents
> and install the new 12c agent on each box...but that would mean i would
> loose the current data sitting in the repository....i read documents on how
> to upgrade your current OMS on same OS but nothing that guide you though
> cross platform upgrade...
> Looking for some pointers....

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