RE: Using 12/31/9999 in a date field

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Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2013 16:04:08 +0000
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As recently as last year's Hotsos Symposium, Mr. Kyte recommended against it. If this developer is not blowing smoke, it is a very recent change in position, and likely only applies to 12c and beyond. IIRC, there are some changes to histograms in 12c, but I don't recall specifically if bad/false defaults instead of null values were addressed.

If it were me, I'd demand some links from the developer so some context can be applied.

T. J.

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Subject: Using 12/31/9999 in a date field

I've always told people to avoid this like the plague but I'm now on a call with a developer who says Oracle in general and Tom Kyte specifically have changed their position on this and they now recommend it.

Has anyone heard anything about this or have a white paper or link that I can review? Or if it still isn't a good idea (I have a hard time imagining it is but maybe the optimizer has gotten a lot smarter) have a link showing the opposite more recent than the 2008 Tom Kyte article?


Jay Miller

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