RE: New EM12c timeout message in DB Perf pages

From: Rich Jesse <>
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2013 10:29:54 -0600 (CST)
Message-ID: <>

Hey Pete,

> Is there a chance someone has already modified that?

A-ha! *Someone* did change that timeout:

Value for property oracle.sysman.eml.maxInactiveTime at Global level is 900

Yes, as a solo paranoid DBA, I loathe timeouts. And the way I use EM, it's open all day, or all night if I'm watching a DB refresh or something. The "900" has worked in the past with a UoM of "minutes", but suspiciously 900 / 60 = 15, which just happens to be the timeout I'm seeing. Perhaps the UoM for that setting changed, or worse, got "smart" (e.g. "if value > 60 then UoM = seconds else UoM = minutes"). Probably not, but...

> On the Adobe issue, there is a bug (17210673 - not sure if that's an
> internal only one or not, but at least you can refer to it if you contact
> Support) which is exactly this issue. The problem is we've never been able
> to provide a reproducible environment to our developers, so that makes it
> very difficult to diagnose. However, it appears that this is generally
> caused by a mismatch between the browser version and the Adobe Flex version
> used in our code. Have you tried the same with another browser, or (much as
> I hate to say it) a more recent FF version?

I propose HTML5! Maybe by next week if that's not too much trouble? ;)

With your info here, it looks like it makes sense for me to spend a little time to test other browser configurations. I see that the hateable v26 is available at, as well as Chrome, and I have IE 9(?) I think as well.

If anything, it'll make for more fodder for my SR.

As always, thanks Pete!

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