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From: David Fitzjarrell <>
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2013 09:07:41 -0800 (PST)
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You're not alone with the hesitance to use RMAN prior to 9.2; I wouldn't, either, as I felt it wasn't robust or stable enough to rely upon.  Now, I won't do any sort of database backup strategy without it.   I had nothing, really, to contribute to the RMAN repository thread (it was all said by others) but I'll chime in on RAC, Dataguard, OEM and ASM when those threads start. David Fitzjarrell On Thursday, December 12, 2013 10:00 AM, Dave Morgan <> wrote: Hello All,     I was a very active member of the list 12-15 years ago, as a result I see many names from that time. If you were at OracleWorld in 2000 please drop me an email off list, I will try and put faces to names. After the dotcom boom I moved over to the business side and my involvement with Oracle was primarily training our juniors. This year I was able to transfer the business duties to a partner and return to a pure technical role. (Yay, yipyipyippeee, yahoooooo!!!!) A growing niche in our business is small businesses with a 10GB-100GB database with little to no proper support. A typical one would be 20GB on RAID 10 with a weekly export for backup. Development is done on the production database. Testing? We don't need no stinking testing! OR A consultants install, 20 GB on a 2 node RAC, with full OEM, ASM, DataGuard, repository database, ....... Which will not stay standing up for more than 5 days because the client company does not have the expertise to run a cluster, especially not a full Oracle cluster. No dev or test system because they ran out of budget. Now that you know how we find work :),  I am attempting to define a "Oracle Standard Edition install" for these clients. The objective is that sysadmins can do a basic full production database recovery on their own, and costs to the client can be kept as low as possible while meeting defined SLAs. In addition, if a client has (already) paid for an Enterprise license, which options can used cost efficiently. While the title "Why I don't like" originally seemed overly aggressive to me, given the success of the repository  thread I think I will keep it. My objective is to challenge my beliefs, confirm that I am considering all alternatives and options as well as understanding when and why those options are to be used. OEM, DataGuard, RAC and ASM are currently on the subject list. Hey, it took me until Oracle 9.2 before I trusted RMAN :) TIA Dave --
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