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Speaking of plus ones: +1 to  

"So, in the end, what I did was first make an image copy of everything in
case I screwed up, which is always the best first step of any recovery process."  

Also +1 to belts and suspenders (belts and braces) with regard to recovery possibilities.  

(Especially including the online redo logs, even if normally you do not back those up. That is my fractional first mini-step of the overall first step of a copy of everything.)  

Oh, and stop apologizing about long posts. Your signal to noise ratio is excellent!  


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...oh yes, and I forgot to mention a big "+1" to Andy Klock for mentioning the analytic aspect of an RMAN recovery catalog.

One good practical example of that approach is the "estimate_mttr.sql" script that I have posted on my website at <>
"", which uses a single mongo-licious SQL
statement to use the time to backup the components needed for recovery in order to estimate the time-to-restore for a database. Of course, the biggest weakness of the script is the assumption that time-to-backup is the same as time-to-restore, but it was a fun to pull together and an eye-opening view into the ways that the data in the recovery catalog database could be turned into useful analytic information.

Just like the AWR repository, the recovery catalog repository contains lots of great information not revealed by the standard functionality of the product(s) that use it.

You can't improve that which you don't measure.

Thanks Andy!

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