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So what it if ages out you can always just re-catalog it and then restore.

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Hi Dave,

 > A repository adds complexity and an unnecessary dependence. In a disaster
> I now have to recover 2 databases which requires more resources and
> effort than recovering a single db.

What does it add complexity? Or an unnecessary dependence? I assume you speak of an RMAN catalog by the way? If not, please ignore me.

Given a database with a controlfile_record_keep_time of 7 days, a catalog will help you keep details of backups much older than the last 7 days. Your annual "keep this" backup, for example, will age out of the controlfile after a week.

Yes, I know 7 days isn't a very good setting, but it could happen that some "junior DBA" ;-) has finger trouble and sets it this way.

> Having said that, when there are a large number of production databases, a
> repository does make life simpler.

It can make life simpler for a single database to backup too, but it does depend on your needs, admittedly.

I'm intrigued though, as to why you are not keen?


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