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From: Mark W. Farnham <>
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2013 09:04:31 -0500
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If the only problem is that AIX hostname doesn't support -f, then, perchance you put a hostname that works in the path preceding the AIX native commands. Just return the correct information in the response string, even if you have to hardwire it per box (but you probably don't).

Then you get to update your bug report with the simple work-around and write something like "would you please create an official wrapper in the oracle binary directory so I do not have to maintain a private workaround."

Sometimes being old helps. We had to do this relatively minor sort of path command interception somewhat frequently before UNIX flavors more or less coalesced and the Looks like UNIX operating system implementation was slapped together. (ATT and BSD had lots of minor differences held apart more or less by "mine's more elegant than yours" arguments.)

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Patrice writes:

> I am starting to wonder if I am the only person on the planet running
> EM with Provisioning Pack on AIX. Is this an error Oracle hasn't seen

I opened an SR in May 2012 because the 12c auto discovery errors on AIX. It was all because the "hostname" command in AIX doesn't support the "-f" parameter.

My SR's still open. I turned off auto-discovery 18 months ago just to prevent the nightly errors. I wonder if it's fixed yet? Heck, I wonder if I'm still on the same version of 12c...



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