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From: Hans Forbrich <>
Date: Tue, 03 Dec 2013 07:45:38 -0700
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On 03/12/2013 7:30 AM, Grabowy, Chris wrote:
> My limited understanding is that for the most part Oracle Linux is a copy of Redhat Linux. And that Oracle has made some changes to Oracle Linux, but are those changes that compelling? Or is there some other factor that I am missing here?
I believe you are missing something. Some of the ore common ones includeL
  1. If your Linux environment is not to support Oracle, then there is absolutely no difference between RedHat and Oracle Linux except the annual support price, which favours Oracle. And the cost of support is one of the reasons so many use CentOS, so this is not an insignificant reason.

The rest of the items are for Linux environments that support some Oracle product

2) Oracle provides the site for most packages; ULN access is available at a very low cost.

3) Oracle's kernel has an edge over the default kernel in terms of Oracle's own enhancements for OLTP, InfiniBand, and SSD disk access, NUMA-optimizations, Reliable Datagram Sockets (RDS), async I/O, OCFS2, and networking.

4) Any Basic or Premium support contract for Oracle Linux includes the license to install OEM 12c agent without any other Oracle product on the box. This allows the DBMS_SCHEDULER on any Oracle Database Server to run jobs on that box.

5) Oracle Premium Support includes KSplice - the ability to patch the Linux kernel without reboot.

6) In spite of the common mythology, Oracle does understand Linux and has a number of Kernel Maintainers on staff.


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