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They are digital only.

Thank you

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    Hi all so there books which cost only $15 today Are these in digital or hardcopy or both?


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I've just bought the book this morning, so I still don't know.


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Question with regards to pro SQL (2nd edition), I do have the first edition and I love it. How much difference there is between 1st and 2nd? Is there anything new in 2nd edition? From: Radoulov, Dimitre
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> I know its only 15 bucks(and I can get couple of them) but are there
> any must have books that we shouldn't miss out on.
> Any suggestions?

it depends on your needs. I bought some books from Apress recently and _some_ of them
definitely deserve attention (some of the authors contribute to oracle-l):

  • Oracle Exadata Survival Guide - still in Alpha, but seems very interesting, reading the first chapters now
  • Pro Oracle SQL 2nd Edition - I have no doubts, considering the 1st edition and the authors list
  • Expert Oracle RAC 12c - already read, great book!
  • Expert Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c - still reading, very good


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