Data Guard Schema Refresh on Standby

From: Ramadoss, Karthik <>
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2013 12:57:56 +0000
Message-ID: <>

I have the following Data Guard setup on version running on OEL 5.6.

1 primary - PRIMA
2 logical standbys - LSTBYA & LSTBYB
1 physical standby - PSTBYA

One of the logical standbys -STBYA has got a schema (240G) that has inconsistent data (I'll skip the details on how it got to be for brevity of this post). The whole database is around 600G and this logical standby also has extra schemas and database objects for reporting purposes that don't exist in primary. So, a whole rebuild of the logical standby is not so desirable.

I am thinking of following the below steps to refresh the schema from primary to logical. Do you see any issues with it or do you have a better solution?

  1. Shutdown data guard and log shipping on primary
  2. Lock user schema to be exported (application using the schema is already shutdown)
  3. Stop sql apply on logical standby
  4. Export user schema with data pump from primary
  5. Ftp the export dump file
  6. Import user schema with data pump into logical standby
  7. Start sql apply
  8. Start data guard and log shipping on primary.

One specific question I have is I have seen the flashback_% parameters in data pump.. is this relevant for what I am doing? If so, how and how would I use it? Do I need to have flashback logging or flashback database turned on to use it?

Thanks in advance..



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