Re: Framework to build for target Solaris with oracle database

From: David Robillard <>
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2013 10:15:32 -0400
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Hello Nathan,
That sounds like what a configuration management software can do. Have looked into Puppet, Chef, CFEngine or Salt?

You can get a nice comparison of these software and related links from Wikipedia.


On Tue, Oct 22, 2013 at 1:34 AM, <> wrote:

> Hello ALL - Greetings
> I have been assigned to build a framework Solaris server which has
> following requirements:
> 1. The framework resides on one server. 2. The framework has the ability
> to communicate over the network with other servers.
> 3. The task that the framework executes on a target server ("Action") is
> never fixed: it can be anything and everything. The task itself changes
> every time and, as a result, needs to be written as a plug-in: it has to
> defined and coded without touching the framework code. Having said that,
> seems quite likely to me that the plug-in would be a script in itself,
> which is to be passed in as an argument on the command line upon executing
> the framework.
> 4. The framework communicates with target servers based on a list of
> servers that are provided as an input file.
> 5. The framework has the ability to communicate with databases on target
> servers.
> 6. The framework keeps 1 (one) log file for each execution, no matter how
> many target servers are in the input.
> The whole task need to be executed on a target server.
> I notice couple scripting in C shell with Expect - Tcl- Tk. Expect with
> Tcl (tickle) seems to be a little cryptic but I have to learn it on a fly
> Is there any change anybody can think if it can be done with Java and/or
> Java script ..
> My background is oracle dba - some Unix scripting and some java language
> I know this is more of a Unix scripting /programming question not a direct
> dba question. Any suggestion would be appreciated. May be there is
> another group who can give some pointer to me.
> Thank you
> Sincerely,
> NathanT Dhital
> Oracle DBA
> Commbank-Internet
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