Re: Oracle Licensing on VMware

From: Nuno Souto <>
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2013 22:11:44 +1100
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On 15/10/2013 5:58 PM, D'Hooge Freek wrote:

> * you need to license all physical machines in the vcenter cluster (DRS
> rules are not a valid way to limit the number of physical servers to be
> licensed, regardless vmware states about this)

> The reasoning for the second is that, according to the processor
> definition, you install the Oracle software on all physical servers in
> the same vcenter cluster (yes, that is what they told me)
> Not sure if this last reasoning will uphold in court, but unless you are
> prepared to go to court over this, you better follow it.

We did. And it turned out either Oracle considered licensing all cores in a host in our cluster - the exact words in their documents - or else they'd be in legal trouble as well as minus quite a lot of moolah in maintenance and licensing fees.
So now, our middleware is nicely licensed to run in a single host in a BIG vmware cluster and we only paid the core licenses of that host. Which is perfectly legit, IMHO.
Of course: YMMV, no animals hurt in testing this product, etcetc...

Nuno Souto

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