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From: D'Hooge Freek <>
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2013 16:04:40 +0000
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I won't argue with you about how insane the reasoning is, but this is what Oracle LMS stated after a license review of a client. Trust me, I have battled with Oracle about this...

But as stated before, the only valid source for license rules is Oracle LMS (and make sure you have it in writing).


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On di, 2013-10-15 at 10:49 -0500, Jeremy Schneider wrote:

> On Tue, Oct 15, 2013 at 1:58 AM, D'Hooge Freek
> <> wrote:
> * you need to license all physical machines in the vcenter
> cluster (DRS
> rules are not a valid way to limit the number of physical
> servers to be
> licensed, regardless vmware states about this)
> The reasoning for the second is that, according to the
> processor
> definition, you install the Oracle software on all physical
> servers in
> the same vcenter cluster (yes, that is what they told me)
> IMHO, that's clearly incorrect from a technical perspective. Oracle's
> software investment guide does discuss how having the binaries
> installed on a standby server means the server must be licensed
> (compare illustration 4 with illustration 6). But a VMware cluster is
> illustration 4 and not illustration 6. It functions like HACMP, HP
> Service Guard or Veritas which are all explicitly mentioned in this
> category and which don't require licensing the failover server if you
> meet the stated conditions. Now these requirements for getting out of
> license costs are very strict: in addition to the 10-day limit, you
> also are allowed to only have one "standby" node - if the cluster has
> more than two nodes then all but one must be licensed. Honestly I
> suspect that in 99% of cases, customers do need to license the entire
> VMware cluster because their cluster doesn't meet the definition of a
> failover cluster - so I'm not surprised this would be the usual answer
> from LMS. Definitely need to read carefully and of course discuss
> with Oracle.
> -Jeremy
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