Re: occurs ORA-01031 when create view with DBA privilege

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Date: Mon, 07 Oct 2013 23:35:51 +0800
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thanks to you for reply.
There exist no db link.
For instance, I create a view "create view test as select 1 from dual", it says ORA-01031, but when I execute "select 1 from dual", it displays OK. It's just an example, attention.

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See me: [] On 2013/10/7 23:28:49, Wayne Smith <> wrote: Perhaps a db liink is involved and the domain of the new database is different from the old (making the db link fail)?

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Dear lists,
I migrate a database using expdp/impdp and exp/imp today. When I export a database using expdp, there isn't any errors. But there are some views, procedure and others error, so I compile it manually.
When I re-compile some view, it says ORA-01031, but I have grant dba to the specail user. When I see the errors, I try to re-compile it again and again. I grant select on the the special table to the very user, it didn't take. If I just select the special view on the fly other than create it, it will list ok. I didn't understand why it occur ORA-01031 here ? Thanks all in advance!

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