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From: Brent Day <>
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2013 17:40:51 -0600
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You are not just testing validate of the backup files but the procedures and process along with brining a database up after a restore. This is part of due diligence we have asked you to perform. The worst thing for any DBAs career is lost data/invalid backups and a need to restore and unable to do so. Companies often go out of business when they have a catastrophic event and are unable to recover databases, etc.


On Sun, Sep 22, 2013 at 12:47 PM, Hariharan, Abhishek <>wrote:

> I thought and still think that restore validate command is good enough for
> us to make sure that all the blocks in the RMAN backups are intact. Is
> there really a need to physically restore the DB instead of using the
> restore validate command JUST and JUST to make sure the backups are intact?
> From the Oracle Docs.. below
> Validating Backups Before Restoring Them
> You can run RESTORE ... VALIDATE to test whether RMAN can restore a
> specific file or set of files from a backup. RMAN chooses which backups to
> use.
> The database must be mounted or open for this command. You do not have to
> take datafiles offline when validating the restore of datafiles, because
> validation of backups of the datafiles only reads the backups and does not
> affect the production datafiles.
> When validating files on disk or tape, RMAN reads all blocks in the backup
> piece or image copy. RMAN also validates offsite backups. The validation is
> identical to a real restore operation except that RMAN does not write
> output files.
> Thanks!
> Abhishek
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