RMAN backup piece validation

From: Hariharan, Abhishek <AHariharan_at_ciber.com>
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2013 18:47:23 +0000
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I thought and still think that restore validate command is good enough for us to make sure that all the blocks in the RMAN backups are intact. Is there really a need to physically restore the DB instead of using the restore validate command JUST and JUST to make sure the backups are intact?

From the Oracle Docs.. below
Validating Backups Before Restoring Them You can run RESTORE ... VALIDATE to test whether RMAN can restore a specific file or set of files from a backup. RMAN chooses which backups to use. The database must be mounted or open for this command. You do not have to take datafiles offline when validating the restore of datafiles, because validation of backups of the datafiles only reads the backups and does not affect the production datafiles. When validating files on disk or tape, RMAN reads all blocks in the backup piece or image copy. RMAN also validates offsite backups. The validation is identical to a real restore operation except that RMAN does not write output files.


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