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From: Martin Klier <>
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2013 00:32:40 +0200
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Hi Saad,

I made the mistake to rent a car for the week. Is was expensive to park at the hotel and at the venue there was no space left on ... you know.

Shuttle transfer worked well for me (from Fisherman's Wharf), but I nearly never used it at prime times (went there late and went back very late).

Maybe you want to spend an extra day before or after to explore the country - in this case a car is great to have. It's an option to go north into marin county and/or Muir Woods, or travel around the bay and Silicon Valley (half day tour) and visit Oracle's HQ in Redwood Shores on your way back to SF. If you know nobody there, at least shoot a pic. :)

If you have more time, go south with road California 1 to Monterey and Carmel (might be a bit tourism, but still nice). It's 2 hours on the freeways and 4 hours along the coast, one direction.

Enjoy your time! :)


Saad Khan schrieb:
> It may be a lil unrelated to ask but, first visit to SF, you think one
> should rent a car to commute around? My hotel is a somewhat far from the
> venue.

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