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Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2013 06:09:05 -0700 (PDT)
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Bring comfortable shoes, you'll be doing a lot of standing and walking.

Look out for the unofficial events. Your chance to meet the people that write the blogs and make the technology that you like here is one of your biggest opportunities to get your money's worth. Don't be afraid to approach people - they are there to meet you and want to hear from you.

Be flexible on your schedule.

Walk around the exhibition halls during the down/slow periods if you can. Getting a free t-shirt is nice, but getting to talk to a product manager or a techie for 15 minutes uninterrupted is nicer.

If your phone can swap batteries, bring an extra. Don't leave your hotel without your phone charger.

Jillian's, the sports bar at the Marriott, and The Thirsty Bear are good places to hang out and run into other conference folks.

If you're in town early enough, try out the User Group sessions on Sunday - lots of good content there.


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Hi list,
I'm a registered attendee of next week OOW. But since its my first participation, was wondering if any of the DBAs can give a snap of what to expect. I've an idea and my calendar is already looks crazy with all these sessions but why not discuss it with experienced campaigners in the list :)

Unfortunately I couldnt find accomodation in nearby hotels so will be staying few blocks away, just hoping it wont be that far.

It'll be great to know who else will be coming and we can definitely meetup.




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