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From: kyle Hailey <>
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2013 21:33:06 -0700
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I see different layers to test
  • Database
  • I/O
  • Network

Now the I/O and Database will depend on the network so I check the network with something like netperf or netio.
Database depends on I/O so for I/O I use fio. For the database I use SLOB

check each layer. No reason to expect great results from I/O if the network connection isn't great for example.

I've written a considerable amount of scripting around fio to test systems for NFS performance for Oracle but unfortunately the scripts are less than generic and would take some cleaning up for general use. My scripts are on github for example at

Netperf shell script drivers at

  • Kyle

On Tue, Sep 10, 2013 at 12:59 PM, Austin Hackett <> wrote:

> Hi Malcolm
> I've recently built and gone into production with a 5-node 11.2 RAC using
> a NetApp 6290 (with Flash Cache and Flash Pool) and Direct NFS. Before
> going live, I spent quite a lot of time I/O testing using SLOB2.
> Frits already posted the URL for SLOB2. There is also a nice blog post and
> test harness from Flash DBA at
> help you get started.
> I tried Oracle's ORION tool with NFS about a year ago, but it didn't seem
> to work properly for me. I think I may have been hitting a bug where you
> get poor async I/O performance with Orion and NFS.
> NetApp provide a tool called FIO. Whilst this is easy to run, it doesn't
> necessarily make the same I/O system calls as Oracle does (I've never done
> an strafe to of fio to find out)
> Are you going to be using 1 GbE or 10 GbE NICs for storage connectivity?
> During my tests I couldn't use the full bandwidth of 10 GbE NICs I was
> using with kernel NFS. However, with Direct NFS I was happily getting >
> 1000 MB/sec. If you are going to use Direct NFS then be sure to read My
> Oracle Support "Recommended Patches for Direct NFS Client (Doc ID
> 1495104.1)". I hit at least a couple of these bugs during my tests, and was
> able to resolve them with the patches. You might need to request back ports
> of the patches depending on your PSU level and platform. I did.
> Hope that helps
> Austin--

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