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Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2013 18:59:59 +0000
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Thank you to everyone who responded. It appears that one can also run opatch auto -oh <DB HOME> to patch that home, even if there's no database in place yet.

Stephan Uzzell

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Hi Stephan,

if it's "clever" - I don't know, but I just do "opatch apply" in the DB $OH for the missing patches afterwards. And I alwys do it for both: Grid Home and DB home PSU, because sometimes the GI patch contains stuff to be applied to the DB home. If not, no harm is done.

NEVER forget to execute "catbundle.sql psu apply". It's always mandatory to call it - even in the case when you created the instance AFTER applying the PSU to the ORACLE_HOME.


Uzzell, Stephan schrieb:
> Hi Martin,
> That was sort of what we started to suspect. For our new builds, this is fine - we will simply create the DB (and register) before applying the PSU. However, we are planning on migrating some databases from Windows to Linux via EMC Snap Cloning. We'd really prefer not to have to create a database (that we will then drop) in order to apply the PSU prior to the migration, and we'd certainly prefer not to have to add the PSU to our migration windows. Any clever workarounds for this problem?
> Thanks!
> Stephan Uzzell

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