Re: Stupidity or sequences?

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Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2013 16:29:45 -0400
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does anyone know what oracle does under the covers to guarantee uniqueness of the sequence? When you cache sequence values in memory (say 500) per node... I am guessing they use a struct to store the current value. In java/c there is a way to make a method/class/struct serialized so only 1 session at a time can get the value. I doubt its anything fancy. I am guessing the basic algorithm for a sequence with cache 500

Pseudo code below
select sequence_value
from sequence_table_in_data_dictionary
where sequencename = ....

update sequence_table_in_data_dictionary set sequence_value = old_value+500
where sequence_name = ....

Then in memory, each sequence gets its own C Struct (below SQL layer) struct SequenceName serial -- don't remember the C syntax for a Struct or to serialize a struct

   current_value number;
   max_value number --when this hits, find the new value and increment the sequence value in the DB\

Then getter function for CURRVAL and setter function for NEXTVAL

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