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Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2013 22:43:46 -0800
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Jonathan Lewis has graciously accepted an offer to come out to sunny California next month and spend a few days at Delphix.<> He will be putting Delphix
itís paces and Iím excited to learn about what he discovers. He and I are planning on co-presenting a webinar on the findings and we will be blogging the findings.
If you have questions for Jonathan about Delphix or scenarios youíd like him to test out then ask him on his Delphix blog post at

Jonathan Lewisí blog post on

In a nutshell, Delphix allows companies to make copies of Oracle databases in minutes with almost no storage overhead by sharing all the duplicate data blocks between database copies. Sharing duplicate data blocks massively reduces storage consumption, frees DBAs up from the repetitive work of copying files allowing them to concentrate on innovative work and most importantly accelerates project development by eliminating the time and resource consuming bottleneck of provisioning databases for development, QA and reporting. With Delphix the databases can be provisioned in minutes to any point in time from the source database allowing one to easily go back before an incident on production to retrieve data before a problem or stand up a full copy of production at a time that production had a problem allowing easy analysis of intermittent issues.

As a performance architect at Delphix for the past 2 years, Iíve been involved in all sorts of
Delphix<>performance related work, benchmarks and tests. Iíve spent much of that time personally pounding on Delphix
<> and have found the
technology to be solid , fast and agile. It's hard for me to imagine running an Oracle IT shop without Delphix. Its innovation that empowers companies to succeed in the current industry. With out Delphix
<> the cloning process is like
dragging huge weights around. With Delphix the cloning process is fast and light like having enormous power at ones fingertips.

Delphix Use Cases:<>

For more information on Delphix see:

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