AW: Distinct, Active user count

From: Petr Novak <>
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2013 12:22:37 +0000
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Hallo Denise,

I am not sure, what you mean with 'active user count'. If you need to look on DB load (number of active sessions), then Sayans statement will help you. If you need to check, how many users were logged in , you can check DBA_HIST_SYSSTAT, statistics 'logons current' , which includes also background processes (equals select count(*) from v$session).

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You can try to get it from AWR, but i'm not sure that you have all snaps from Jan 1:

select *
from dba_hist_sysmetric_history
where upper(metric_name) like '%ACTIV%SESS%';

select *
from dba_hist_sysmetric_summary
where upper(metric_name) like '%ACTIV%SESS%';

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Sayan Malakshinov

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