Re: Deferred segment creation and datapump

From: Martin Klier <>
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2013 15:29:53 +0100
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Hi Norman,

Norman Dunbar schrieb:
> Major fail in my opinion. Other opinions are available, but they are
> wrong! ;-)

First of all, do us a favour and don't mix up old-style exp/imp terms with datapump impdp/expdp.

For you particular problem do as following:

  1. expdp your full user schema(s) as being a dba user (e.g. SYSTEM). Specify a file for the export, so it will dump all objects there - dictionary-only entries like deferred tables (which was a feature introduced for supporting SAP optimally, by the way)
  2. Transfer your file as you would do with old-style exp, too
  3. impdp whatever you need - for a full transprotation I would always suggest to do the same way as exporting: Pre-create the empty users, and then import the full dump with impdp. If you want to import only parts of the dump, pick all tables you need - it will import them in the same shape as they are on the box you came from.


PS: Using a link for impdp is possible and nice to have, but never was a  prerequisite for datapump. Anyway, it started working properly quite late.

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