Re: Deferred segment creation and datapump

From: Norman Dunbar <>
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2013 11:54:26 +0000
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Hi John,

On 08/02/13 17:57, John Hurley wrote:
> What specific 11.2 level are you referring to here? Would be most troubled if
> this is seen on ( to me anyhow ).
You are going to be most troubled then! I have a bug open with Oracle on this very matter but with exp/imp from 11203 EE I'm afraid.

They say it's not a bug, but I am sticking to my guns as follows:

Exp from 11203EE and imp into 11203SE - fails because some tables have no segments and SE doesn't allow the deferred segment feature. Everything in SE must have a segment.

Transportable tablespace from 11203EE to 11203SE gives errors on tables without segments. Tells me that the tablespace is read only! Of course it is, I'm importing it!

Oracle support simply state that deferred segments are not supported on SE so everything is working as designed.

They also state that I must use expdp and impdp to do the exports and, most especially, the transportable tablespace transfers. Major problem, the impdp database MUST have a database link back to the expdp database. Oops, our network has an air gap and this is not possible. Oracle support went very very quiet at that point!

Who in their right (or otherwise) mind designed that little necessity for crying out loud? The whole point of doing these TT exports is to get huge quantities of data from one place to another, and sometimes, you transport between data centres, not just between servers on the same network!

Major fail in my opinion. Other opinions are available, but they are wrong! ;-)


PS. If you only imp or impdp into an EE database it's not a problem. EE can cope. Obviously, TT transfers are ok if you can set impdp up with the required database link. I cannot!

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