From: Eric Grancher <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2013 18:52:13 +0100
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good afternoon,

I would certainly recommend setting
db_block_checking = FULL (or MEDIUM)
db_block_checksum = TYPICAL

and while you are at it, my suggestion is to also enable (if not already done) db_lost_write_protect = TYPICAL

in all cases, it makes sense to test to validate the impact beforehand, Real Application Testing Capture and Replay can be of good help to assess the impact for your application.


On 29 January 2013 20:00, <> wrote:
> Finally had some time to check into a few task list items now that we've put out a few fires.
> One of my task list items was to review Oracle parameters for these systems I've been given with my new job. Obviously, that's a very amorphous kind of goal I know. Sort of a spot check really - kind of see what jumps out at me about things that are set and find out why they may be set a certain way.
> One of the parameters that seems questionable [to me] is to have DB_BLOCK_CHECKING set to FALSE in all our environments (including the envs I'm not responsible for).
> This 64-bit on RHEL 5.6 - 3 node RAC.
> I knew that Oracle recommended having it enabled at LOW, MEDIUM or FULL.
> Since I'm relatively new to RAC, I'm curious what experience with it any of you RAC guys/gals might have? Any initial thoughts about not having it set? What levels do you have set for your envs?
> Just scanning the landscape to see if anyone has any comments on the matter.
> Chris Taylor
> Oracle DBA
> Parallon IT&S
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