Re: A Book Suggestion for Performance Tuning 10g & 11g

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Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2013 12:39:58 -0600
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The 'Oracle Performance Survival Guide' is the only book I take with me to a customer's site when I am doing performance troubleshooting. I have many, many others Oracle performance books and Oracle manuals in my Kindle but 'Oracle Performance Survival Guide' is the most practical when you understand how Oracle works.  

I also study Optimizing Oracle Performance over and over.  

I'd like to add a few other books that are 'under the radar'.

The Art and Science of Oracle Performance Tuning - 9i and below. I like this because it's written from the viewpoint of a consultant.

Scaling Oracle 8i. - I think there is a free pdf copy on the internet somewhere

Practical Oracle 8i - I read the Appendix B - Tuning to 90%, over and over. Learn the v$sql, v$filestat / v$tempstat, v$system_event/v$session_event view and how to use them.  

I listed the above books because they can be bought used on Amazon for a few dollars. They all are still relevant even though they are below 10g. The important basic concepts are the same. Find the important business processes that are slow, Mostly find the SQL with the most logical reads. When you are ready to tune the sql, then you need the 10g/11g doc .  

The first 6 chapters of Pro Oracle SQL written by Karen Morton are great in describing how Oracle works. Best description on how to read execution plans I have found.  

All the choices in Sriram' list are great.

Craig Shallahamer's Oracle Performance Firefighting is important too because it stresses looking at the OS, App and Oracle.  

Many of these books have scripts you can download without buying the book.      

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