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Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2013 10:20:09 -0500
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The snapshot capabilities can be a nice feature. You can snap a live database and restore it back within moments -- eliminating the time needed for an RMAN restore.

Having said that, I would look into testing some things -- perhaps Google "ZFS evil tuning guide" -- Note however, that there are also websites out there that discount much of what is in the guide, essentially saying to leave the defaults or most of them, hence some testing first. The foundation you lay will be the one you will be using.

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Subject: new database server build - sanity check

Hi all
Your opinions please!

We are embarking on a new database server build - the sysadmin is keen on Solaris 11.1 and ZFS on the T4-1 server. We will use zones for environment segregation and license mitigation.

While I've used sol9 and 10 without absolutely no issues before, using such a new OS version with a relatively non-mainstream filesystem seems ... adventurous.

Am I being too apprehensive, or is this a reasonable concern ? I'm interested in any real-life experience, rather than the marketing bullet points. Discuss. :)

thanks in advance -


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