OEM12c Target Host Config after delete

From: Ryan January <rjjanuary_at_multiservice.com>
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2013 15:44:27 -0600
Message-ID: <50F9C23B.1080102_at_multiservice.com>

I'm working on a migration from OEM11 to OEM12 and running into an issue with regards to host targets after removal from OEM12. As a test I performed a silent install of the agent to a test server, however neglected to specify the port I wanted to use. I shutdown the agent, removed the host from EM, then modified the agent config to listen on the correct port. There were no errors upon removal. When attempting to re-add the host I'm forwarded to a page which states that you can not add a host target from EM, and they will be automagically added when the agent contacts the OMS.

I ran across metalink article 414839.1 which, on the surface, appears to be the exact issue I'm working with. Unfortunately, after following their resolution steps the hosts are still not appearing. Running listtargets within emctl originally only showed the EMD target. Checking targets.xml, the host and oracle home targets were missing. Following the article resolution steps; The agent was shutdown, state files deleted, and targets.xml file updated. listtargets now correctly identified the host target I performed an upload. The agent is listed as up within OEM and appears to be working properly according to emctl status, however I still see no host listed under targets.

Would anybody have any ideas for how to resolve this situation? We've already opened an SR, however haven't made much progress on that front.


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