RE: Strange error when resizing MEMORY_TARGET

From: Mark W. Farnham <>
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2013 17:57:21 -0500
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After conferring with Tony offline, I realized the wonderment is that it is complaining about setting MEMORY_TARGET at all. Changing the target should not drive any immediate mandatory change and therefore should not toss an error as if it was trying to grow or shrink anything.

I suspect something else weird is going on (like not interpreting the G as gig), but why should it complain even if you set the target (which it can ignore) to zero, and an invalidly interpreted parameter value should abort the processing not pretend it is trying to actually shrink something.

I have not searched for a bug, but this is ringing bells and I think I'm having a senior moment about it.

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I don't work on Solaris that much, but on Linux this would be mapped against /dev/shm- if /dev/shm was only set to less than 20gb you would run into odd errors. Also, are you trying to mix hugepages and ASMM together? Perhaps there is a limit and its not allowing enough hugepages to be allocated. In linux you cannot mix hugepages and /dev/shm together but I think you can in Solaris.

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Thanks Han.

Unfortunately that did not work. I set all targets to the exact value that they currently occupy, i.e.:

shared pool = 1280M
large pool = 128M
streams pool = 128M
java pool = 256M

pga_aggregate_target = 2496M
sga_target = 4672M
db_cache_size = 2752M

Setting memory_target to 16G and even to 20G ( i.e. memory_max_target) still gives the same error "ORA-00846: could not shrink MEMORY_TARGET to specified value" :(


On 16/01/13 11:16 AM, Xie, Han wrote:
> Hi Tony,
> Oracle normally gives all new memory to default buffer cache, then
dynamically adjust other components later.
> What is your shared_pool_size parameter value please? Is it possible that
shared_pool has grown, now oracle wants/needs to shrink it back to its parameter size first before add new memory?
> My 2 cents.
> Cheers,
> Han

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