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As far as I know, the number of "processors" that show up to the OS is what you license - so that it breaks down like this for an Intel Series:

16 CPUs show up to OS, the Oracle Factor is 0.5 so you'd license 8 CPUs. (That's my understanding - take it for what you will)

Factor = 0.5
Intel Xeon Series 56XX, Series 65XX, Series 75XX, Series E7-28XX, Series E7-48XX, Series E7-88XX, Series E5-24XX, Series E5-26XX, Series E5- 46XX, Series E5-16XX, Series E3-12XX or earlier Multicore chips


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All -

I have been searching the oracle website to see how Oracle handles "hyperthreading" in their processor license, but no luck. I have a server with 2-quad core CPUs or 8 cores, it also has hyperthreading turned on so it appears there are 16 cores. When licensing the server, does oracle work off of the 8 cores or 16 cores? If anyone has a document or link it will be appreciated.


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