RE: Oracle Grid Control 12c

From: Rich Jesse <>
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2013 15:30:37 -0600 (CST)
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Finn replies:

> 12c has its own range of issues but coming from OEM GC it's still
> better so the upgrade was a pretty easy decision for me. 12cR2 is decently
> stable. A small installation like yours should be easy.

So is "R2" the *next* magic key I need to fix the plethora of issues I have with EM12c? That was supposed to be "BP1".

I did a two-server migration from in April 2012. My environment: Agents on two AIX servers monitoring three DBs. One OL5.8 server running EM12c w/ repository DB. One EM12c user (me). Diag+Tuning Packs licensed.

That seems about as simple as anyone could expect for an EM installation. Here's part of my unresolved issue list:

  1. Any PQ causes blocking lock alerts against the PQ threads as "Session # is blocking 0 other sessions". Had to disable blocking lock checking. Support DB Group says it's EM12c.
  2. Daily target discovery job on agent forgets DB account passwords causing daily alarms for login failures on Production DBs.
  3. Daily target discovery job does not know the format of the "uname" command on AIX, causing errors. Waiting 8+ months for fix.
  4. Failed tests of a metric extension caused thousands of errors per hour in agent's gcagent.log. Support was unable to troubleshoot, but somehow they magically stopped after a few weeks. Currently unable to test or deploy metric extensions.
  5. Tablespace full metric alarms unreliable. Unable to keep an SR open to resolve as the symptoms change.
  6. EM migration jobs run and fail daily after all migrations are complete. Stopped jobs are restarted after patches and jobs cannot be dropped per Support.

One of my SRs was "resolved" because they really really thought that the fix could be in a patch. However, they failed to mention that the "patch" is not just a patch, but a full-blown upgrade of EM12c. After wasting literally hundreds of hours on these and several other issues (>15 SRs), I just don't have the time to start that project for what should be just a patch. I have other things to do than to babysit EM12c.

I am several months beyond unhappy with this product. Unfortunately, it appears that I'm stuck with it for the foreseeable future.

There. I've got some of my EM12c issues documented for my sake, as well as some much-needed venting.



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