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Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2013 10:07:09 -0600
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Thanks Mark.

I found note 1241325.1 this morning, but seems though that the problem is not limited to that one issue. I have experimented with it and several such errors and none ever produced an audit record. Bug 9856585 is suspended because the filer did not pursue. I filed an SR and they said that there were two others who filed a similar SR, but nobody ever pursed it.. So, I am attempting to open a new bug report on it.

Call me cranky, but "audit network" has been around for a long time - since 9iR2 at least - and it has (apparently) never actually worked. IMHO Oracle should either (a) fix it or (b) remove it from the documentation and make
"audit network" return an error. It is deceiving and sometimes dangerous to
be misled into thinking that something is happening (e.g. in this case, being audited) when it is not.


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I have zero experience with it, but a quick MOS check, I found Doc ID 1241325.1.

In 11.2.0.x, at least, apparently there's an open bug, 9856585.


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After many years of experience with Oracle auditing, I have only recently discovered "SQL> audit network". It will supposedly audit failures due to things like:
"ORA-12650: No common encryption or data integrity algorithm".

However, in both and, I have tested this with several failure scenarios and it seems to never actually generate an audit trail record.

Google and MOS searches finds only the very short and uninformative standard documentation that shows how to enable and disable it ("audit network" and
"noaudit network") - and a few references to books that do no better than to
simply parrot the docs.

Does anyone here know any more about this?

Don Granaman - OraSaurus



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