Re: off topic- recommendation for a backpack that can hold 3 laptops

From: De DBA <>
Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2013 16:49:40 +1000
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Hi Kart,

I use a Targus backpack with a padded section, a document section and a section for a spare set of clothes, etc.. It will easily accommodate my Macbook and a Dell laptop in the padded section. I'm sure that you could put another laptop in the document section. The real problem comes with the combined weight of laptops and assorted wall-warts. The bulk of the fully loaded backpack (if carried as intended) on public transport is also something to consider.

If you need a second device just for accessing Google, a tablet may be the way to go? Easier to fit in a backpack that already has a laptop, and not too much weight... ;)


On 3/01/13 4:30 PM, K R wrote:
> All,
> Wish you all a happy New Year 2013.
> sorry for asking this . because of all these security things it is becoming
> very difficult to even google in my work laptop so i am planning to take
> my personal laptops to work as well which include charger and hotspot .
> Looking for a recommendation of a good sized backpack .
> appreciate any suggestion.
> -Kart
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