Fwd: How can I automate creating a controlfile?

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Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2012 14:27:07 +0100
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alter database backup controlfile to '/u0xxxxx' reuse ; In your init parameter of the cloned database set control_file parameters to the backuped controlfile

2012/11/28 Sandra Becker <sbecker6925_at_gmail.com>

> SLES11
> Oracle
> We have a project to refresh snapshot databases on a varying schedule.
> These snapshots all will be development, test, QA, and UAT. The snapshots
> will be done at the hardware level (IBM XIV storage). The snapshots will
> be of a second standby database. When all is said and done, the new or
> refreshed databases will be using the datafiles from that secondary
> standby. For writes it will use a copy-on-write technology. The theory
> behind all this is that all these snapshot databases will have a full copy
> of production data to work with without having to actually restore/copy the
> data and buy more storage. The XIV snapshot process sets up symbolic links
> to the datafiles so that each database references "its own" files.
> My problem centers around the controlfiles for the snapshot databases. I
> have not been able to find a way to open the new database without creating
> a new controlfile manually. they want the entire refresh process automated
> so all they have to do is click a single button. Manually creating the
> controlfile in the middle of the entire process doesn't lend itself to
> complete automation.
> Has anyone ever set up auto create of a control complete with renaming the
> database, turning off archiving, etc.? I have tried everything I could
> think of, but keeping hitting one error or another.
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