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Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2012 09:55:46 +0100
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I work for an outsourcer and the question has been made from one of our customers. I agree that if I used something I should pay for it but obviously the decision is not mine .
I looked at bug you show me but saw that it is for 10.2.0.x and I have ASO used on . For diagnostic and tuning pack on 11 version I know there is CONTROL_MANAGEMENT_PACK_ACCESS and if you set it to NONE you disable all. For 10g I will open an SR becouse customer asks us something which i don't know and on which I don't find any suggestion . If after i open a SR Oracle corps goes to customer is an our problem .. I have no other way . Thanks for all

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> I'll take a stab at #1 --
> 1a) Can you not go to 'setup' on your OEM home page at the top right,
> then select Management pack Access, and then uncheck any database you do
> not wish to be licensed for...
> 1b) How about for example:
> exec sys.dbms_scheduler.disable( '"SYS"."AUTO_SPACE_ADVISOR_JOB"' )
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> Subject: question on option pack .
> A customer asked me 2 questions and i am not sure of the answer so i'd ask
> your experience
> 1) they have some instances and they want to disable diagnostic and tuning
> pack . Istances are and so there is not init parameter.
> On metalink i found that i can disable awr collection or addm but i don't
> think it is sufficient, example, if there are sql profile i imagine I have
> to drop it.
> How can i disable tuning and diagnostic pack and be sure Oracle can not
> ask me money ? Have I to disable all management jobs (segment advisor and so
> on) ? standard statistic job on 10g too ? I was not able to find answer on
> support on what is to disable (they used tuning and diagnostic pack for
> years and only now they feel the problem)
> 2) They have some instances ( on which the query on support which
> tell you what features you are using (based on DBA_FEATURE_USAGE_STATISTICS
> )
> warns that they are using advanced security. Their development told them
> that they don't use it and customer asks us to disable Advanced security .
> I did not find any note that explain how to disable it on 11g . they want
> to disable it in any case, even if it is used in some place becouse they
> don't want to pay for it and prefer to loose the funcionality
> I am even not sure if it is possible to do what they ask us, exspecially
> for 2nd question .
> Thanks in advance
> Pier Paolo
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