RE: Spectacular front cover picture (and articles) in the NoCOUG Journal

From: Iggy Fernandez <>
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2012 10:50:10 -0800
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Hi, Norman,
You are too kind.
Until a few years ago, the NoCOUG Journal was not widely known we jealously guarded it as an exclusive privilege of NoCOUG membership. A few years ago, we saw the light and made printed copies a privilege of membership while posting the PDF version on our website for download by everybody. You could add yourself to our mailing list at but that's not necessary because you can grab any issue at where YYYY is the year and MM is 02 (February), 05 (May), 08 (August), or 11 (November). You may like the 100th issue ( which coincidentally has the results of the previous SQL challenge. It also has a clean (and legal) copy of Dr. Codd's original paper on relational theory (reprinted with permission). We retyped it painstakingly from a scanned copy even retaining the misspelling ("Pheonix") of the name Phoenix which occurs in the bibliography. Cheers,
> I didn't see anything in the magazine, but is there a way for us Brits,
> for example, to subscribe to the pdf version at all? It's a far better
> magazine than Oracle's Oracle one, which I get sent to me all the time,
> and which seems to be mostly about Java development these days. (Other
> than Tom Kyte and Steven Feuerstein of course!)
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