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Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2012 12:37:50 -0500
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The SE, EE conundrum is an interesting twist and I can see a use for the sixth subdir.. db_1 etc.

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Hi Joel,

On 26/11/12 15:17, Patterson, Joel wrote:

> /orasoft/app/oracle/product/
> /orasoft/app/oracle/product/
> etc..

We have a similar convention, viz:



You can see where my problem came from! Is db_1 Enterprise or Standard? Well, I got it wrong!

When we have to patch an Oracle Home with a one-off patch, we need to create a new home for that, install (or clone) and then patch. Any database affected by the bug that requires the patch will be switched to the new home in the usual /etc/oratab manner.

Ditto PSU.

It does require a decent amount of free space in /opt/oracle/product, or we can mount another LUN at the appropriate level. It also messes up having multiple databases per server - but then again, what doesn't!

Eventually, of course, there's a home or two with no attached databases. Then that can get binned and the disc space recovered - ready for the next one-off patch or CPU.

I think, to avoid my original problem, we should be calling our homes something like:


And maybe, as PSUs are applied:


What I've done to try and prevent me, and others, from getting the wrong home assigned is to add a couple of entries to /etc/oratab:

11203ee:/opt/oracle/product/ 11203se:/opt/oracle/product/



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