OT - Oracle Gateway to a DB2 10.1 database.

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Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2012 13:03:29 -0500
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Ok - so we have an odd situation and I am hoping someone has some good experience and maybe some good examples or references. We have a mainframe system running Cobol programs that currently connect to an Oracle 11gR2 database. Compliments of a migration, the Oracle 11gR2 database is moving to IBM DB2 10.1.

We are struggling with the coding changes required to the Cobol programs and found out that IBM never wrote a DB2 client for the mainframe to access a LUW DB2 database.

So, we are now looking to implement an Oracle Gateway to DB2 to try and avoid major changes to the Cobol code.

Does anyone have experience setting up the Oracle Gateway to DB2 and all of the associated tasks that must occur on the DB2 side of the house?

It the Oracle Gateway does not work, we can setup a DB2 ZOS database and configure a pass-through to the LUW DB2 database - but we will have to make significant code changes and still configure things on the DB2 database. None of which we are familiar with today.

Does anyone have experience in either of these areas?

Thanks in advance!

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