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As I understand it, if you want the number of executions done in a certain timeframe, you would need to sum the executions_delta for the snapshots in that period.

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Anyone done any data mining on this view? I'm trying to understand how the EXECUTIONS_TOTAL, EXECUTIONS_DELTA, ELAPSED_TIME_TOTAL, ELAPSED_TIME_DELTA roll up (if they do) from one snapshot to the other.

I cannot determine if EXECUTIONS_TOTAL for a SNAP_ID are the executions during that snapshot so that I would need to SUM the EXECUTIONS over multiple snapshots, or if I should take the executions within that snapshot independently as the total amount.

For example:

Snaps: 22995-22996
SQL_ID: c4pc3jhzjcmc7
Plan_Hash_Value: 5300452

22995: Executions Total = 2799, Executions Delta = 194, Elapsed Time Total = 530016, Elapsed Time Delta = 40284 22996: Executions Total = 2889, Executions Delta = 90, Elapsed Time Total = 544883, Elapsed Time Delta = 14867

From here I can take either the SUM of EXECUTIONS for both periods, or I can take just the last row (snap: 22996) but it would be nice to know if the executions are a rolling total or not.

Anyone know?

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