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Subject: Oracle Training for a Novice - looking for recommendations


I'm the sole DBA at my shop. This means that I'm pretty much always on call - on vacations and what not.  

My boss wants to get me a backup and has someone willing to start heading down the DBA track.  

Wondering if anyone has any particular recommendations on either books or classes to introduce someone to Oracle and get them started on the path.  

When I was starting out I read a couple of books to get me started - there was a series of books from Oracle Press as I recalled in the "101" series - Oracle DBA 101, Backup 101, Performance Tuning 101 etc that were published in 2002. This got me some good early information.  

So, basically looking for people's opinions on some later books (more relevant to 11g) and what the offerings from Oracle University (or other training companies) are like in order to get someone started down the path of DBA-dom.  

Thanks for any input  



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